How to use and care for your mat

How to use:

Shake the bottle of Grabity Traction Fomula vigorously for 3-5 seconds. Grabity contains compounds that separate when settled, but when shaken they activate together to create the perfect blend for traction. After activating the Grabity formula, open the bottle and turn the sprayer to a mist setting.

Aim the sprayer at the Grabity Traction Mat and spray 4x from approx. 3‐6 inches
above the mat.

Over spraying or spraying directly on the hard court surface could cause the mat or
surface to temporarily become slippery and make it a hazard to competitors, officials, coaches, or spectators.

Close the nozzle of the Grabity sprayer bottle and wipe away any excess Grabity
from the court surface, hands, or bottle.

After spraying the Grabity Traction Mat, step on to the mat with both shoes and
scrub the bottom of the shoes on the mat for several seconds.

Carefully step off the mat and onto the competition surface. If shoes feel slippery
wet, they have been over saturated and can be either wiped off or wait a few
seconds and it will dry and the enhanced traction of Grabity will easily noticed.
Continue to use Grabity as much as needed.

The Grabity Traction Mat has the ability to keep Grabity’s formula active for a
long duration of time. Through our many trials we have suggested that the mat be
sprayed once before the competition and again half way through the competition
but the amount used is entirely up to the individual or team.
If at any time the mat becomes oversaturated, or Grabity is spilled on the
competition surface, be sure to temporary remove the mat or thoroughly wipe the
surface where it was spilled. Safety is Always our first priority.



How to clean:

To extend the lifespan of your Grabity Traction Mat and Grabity Traction
Formula, some basic steps are important to consider.

Always store Grabity formula right side up with the sprayer closed. If it needs
to be stored or travel in uncertain conditions, we recommend that you save the
aluminum cap and place the sprayer alongside the bottle and mat until it is safely
stored right side up again.

Store your Grabity formula in a safe place away from direct sunlight. Do not
store in temperatures above 120* F or 48* C and do not freeze. **
Grabity Traction Mat can be hand washed if it becomes dirty and expected drying
time is approx. 24 hours.

Keep Grabity Traction Mat flat as often as possible and carry in Grabity tote bag.
This is to ensure that the mat lays flat and remains as clean as long as possible.
Keeping your Grabity Formula can and Grabity Traction Mat clean and secure is the
best way to grantee that you get the most out of your purchase.

**Grabity Formula is water based and should not be stored at below freezing
temperatures for extended periods of time.